Law firm M. Banchuk is the guarantor of an effective solution of your legal issues.

How effectively your interests will be protected during a legal dispute, depends from the right choice of a law firm. Due to the accumulated experience and long-standing practice, Mykola Banchuk knows how to solve problems in different branches of law most efficiently. He will prepare a competent argumentation of the Client's position for the pre-trial settlement of the conflict and will develop a successful tactic of representing interests during the trial.

Developed over the years methods and mechanisms for resolving legal disputes make Mykola Banchuk one of the best specialists in the fields of economic, administrative, corporate and criminal law. Choosing company "M. Banchuk", you are guaranteed to get effective legal assistance in solving your problem.


Legal advice on property, family, land and other categories of disputes, preparation of claims, drawing up of appellate and cassation complaints about illegal decisions of courts, participation and assistance in the consideration of civil cases by courts of all instances.

Legal support of economic activities, legal assistance in all types of disputes related to its implementation, advice on corporate law, preparation of procedural documents for trial, representation and protection of interests in economic courts.

Legal consultations, preparation and drawing up of statements of claim, appellate and cassation complaints, participation in administrative cases by courts of all instances.

Legal assistance in criminal proceedings

  • - protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the suspect in criminal proceedings during the pre-trial investigation in all law enforcement agencies of Ukraine;
  • - protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the accused (defendant), convicted, acquitted during the judicial proceedings (in courts of all instances);
  • - providing legal assistance to a witness, a victim in criminal proceedings;
  • - implementation of representation of interests of the civil claimant, civil defendant, the third person, concerning of whose property the issue of arrest is decided, the owner of the temporarily withdrawn property in criminal proceedings.

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