Николай Банчук - Заслуженный юрист Украины с 30 летним опытом

Protection of the citizens' rights and business in Ukraine

Representation of interests in legal proceedings and legal consultations from the Honoured lawyer of Ukraine with more than 30 years of experience

Our activity

Administrative law

Maintenance of administrative disputes; protection of the client's rights and interests in administrative courts; appeal of actions and decisions of authorities.

Criminal law

Familiarization with the materials of the case; development of tactics for the defense of the accused; representation of the victim's interests; appeal of a court decision.

Commercial law

Legal due diligence of projects/contracts/treaties; support of transactions and corporate disputes; pre-trial settlement of economic disputes.

Civil law

Settlement of family and housing disputes; the conduct of labor and hereditary cases, protection of honor, dignity and business reputatio

About lawyer M.Banchuk

About us

Law firm  M. Banchuk is the guarantor of an effective solution of your legal issues.

Mikola Vasilovich Banchuk has more than 30 years of legal practice and combines the experience of highly qualifed specialists in various branches of law. He received invaluable experience working in the Law Enforcement Agencies, the Central Executive Bodies and in the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Mikola Vasilovich has high professional competence in solving legal problems of different scale and complexity in the spheres of civil economic administrative and criminal law. He is an Honored Lawyer of Ukraine a Candidate of Political Science an honorary worker of the prosecutor's ofce and knows exactly how to effectively protect interests of clients in legal disputes.

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